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Needles, threads, zips all sorts of everything for sewing and needlework.
Sewing thread Coats, duet Polycotton, assorted colours 100m spool €1.9
Sewing thread, Coats, Milady Cotton, no 10 91m spool 1.9
Embroidery thread Anchor Stranded cotton, assorted colours 8m hank 1.05
Embroidery thread DMC Stranded cotton, assorted colours 8m hank 1.8
Embroidery thread DMC Broder Special, assorted colours 23m hank 1.15
Perle cotton DMC Assorted colours, no 8 10gr 1.8
Perle cotton Anchor Assorted colours, no.12 5gr (12.5 mtr) 1.6
Tambour hook holders Standard wood 8.5
Tambour hooks fine, medium, metal 5.5
Crochet hooks .60, 1, 3.5 1.8 Crochet hooks 0.4( very Fine), 4.5
Sewing thread, Coats, Milady Cotton, no 40 and no 10 91m spool 1.7
Sewing thread, Coats, Drima Sewing thread, cotton, extra strong 30m spool 2
Mending thread, Coats Linen , Sewing thread extra strong 10m card 1.6
Crochet cotton Coars Mercer Crochet coton no 10, 20,30,100 30gr ball 4.9
Cordonette DMC Blanc no. 30 4 Cordonette DMC Craft thread
Anchor Nativa Hemp, 25gr ball 1.3
Zips Assorted sizes 5” to 32” Varied Tambour hooks 4
Tambour holders 9 Darning thread Wool/nylon 10mtrs.(11yds.) card 1
Ribbon polyester/satin 7mm to 50mm assorted colours and sizes varied Hand sewing Needles, embroidery, tapestry, etc various sizes varied Needle threaders 2 per pkt.1.2
Machine needles, Jeans, fine etc. various sizes varied Elastic per mtr Black and white Various widths varied Bias binding/hem facing Assorted colours Various widths varied Cotton tape 2.3 Measuring tape 150cm(60ins) 1.85
Measuring tape Extra long 300cm(120ins) 2.95
Name label kit 2.95
Iron on patches assorted colours and sizes Varied Name label kits Marking pen, Iron-on-tape & alphabet stensil 1.95


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